Harpy eagle facts

Harpy eagle facts – A tropical species of eagle

The harpy eagle is one the largest, endangered and tropical species of eagle that can grow up to 36 to 40 inches. Actually, the female harpy is larger than the males and the females weigh between 6 to 9 kg, whereas the male weight between 4 to 5 kg. The harpy wings are very short and covered with slate black feathers, which enables the bird to action through its thick forested surroundings. The scientific name of harpy eagle is the harpia harpyja and it is ranked as a species. The harpy eagle facts having healthy populations in the Peruvian rainforests, but this majestic bird are quite a difficult to see. This eagle has a dark gray feathers underside and a gray feather crown on its head. Both male and female plumage harpy eagles are identical.

Basically, the harpy eagle is hunting carnivore and preys on tree dwelling mammals like monkeys, sloths and opossums. Occasionally, this eagle also preys on other bird like macaws as well as on reptiles like iguanas. Generally, the female harpy is mainly targeted on the larger prey due to its bigger size and leaving the smaller prey for males to hunt. However, these species are mostly living in the rainforests of Central and South America, which also occupies a larger expanse of uninterrupted forest. The harpy eagle can spend its most of time in the canopy forest so you can see flying of harpy in the open spaces or over canopy rarely. The total lifespan of this eagle species is believed to 25 to 35 years.

Interesting things about the harpy eagle

The harpy eagles are an Amazon apex predator which mostly found in the Amazon rainforest. Usually, they used to eat a variety of animals and also preys larger bird such as kinkajous, toucans and even kill the Brocket deer. The size of this eagle looks oversized beak and talons because of its big and grizzly bear sized claws. The leg of this eagle is very thick as like a wrist of the person. However, the harpy eagle is a rare bird that has a wide ranging in the rainforests from the southern Mexico to Atlantic coast of Brazil. Primarily, they require a large area of animal filled rain forests to live and survive in the wide areas of ranges. These eagles have numerous territories so it is easiest to see the nest site that found near the rainforests occasionally.

What the harpy eagles can do?

The harpy eagles are one of the most largest and powerful eagles among the world. These eagles are used to bring fresh green twigs and a lot of branches to the nest as like many other birds to their chicks. This kind of species has an ability to fly long distances, even at one time. The harpy eagle facts are difficult for survival of two main threats such as shooting and deforestation. Other than that, you can easily find this bird in many areas, especially in the rainforests and also it becomes a hardest wildlife species.