Attack on Pearl Harbor Facts – Mark in history

It is not so hard to learn about various Attack on Pearl Harbor facts. Truth be told – these are quite easy to find. However, knowing what the right one is should be the troublesome part here. This does not have to be a problem at all with the right judgement. The search for information may be interesting in this sense. What do you need to learn about Pearl Harbor anyway?

The general information

The attack happened on the 7th of December, 1941. This involved the Japanese creating turmoil in the United States without any prior warning. Basically, the battle lasted for almost 110 minutes. It started from 7:55 am and it ended on the morning too, 9:45 am.

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Many people were killed. As a matter of fact, almost 2,000 or 2,335 to be exact of US servicemen were left lifeless. As for the wounded ones, it was reported that 1,143 suffered. Civilians were also affected, killing 68 of them. There were 35 who were considered wounded on the other hand.

Pearl Harbor is found on the south of Hawaiian island. This is situated on Oahu. This was then the home of the US naval base. It was the Pearl Harbor attack that triggered the occurrence of the World War II involving the United States.

It was as early as January of the year 1941 when the attack was plotted and planned. The said scheming was said to be initiated by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. This was done to be in battle against that of Commander Minoru Genda. He was the chief architect then of the Pearl Harbor.

A codename Operation Hawaii was utilized by the Japanese during that time. This was also changed and modified to Operation Z later on. The Japanese decided to carry their plan out on a Sunday because they know for a fact that most Americans relax whenever it is that time of the week. They know that they will not be so alert as compared to weekdays. They attack on a force with is situated just 230 miles north from the Hawaiian island. This is near that of Oahu.

The Japanese also launched two waves of airplanes. These did this with only an interval of 45 minutes. The first wave was meant to strike Pearl Harbor. This transpired at around 7:55 am. The second one on the other hand got to reach the base at 8:40 am.

It was the Japanese commander named Mitsuo Fuchida who signaled the start. He uttered Tora! For three times. This is how they flew over the entire Pearl Harbor.  This was also a message to the whole Japanese navy, actually surprising the Americans.

Initially, the main target was the attacking of aircraft carriers. But then, the carriers of the United States were out of the sea during those times. This was the reason why the focus suddenly shifted to the battleships seen. Eight battleships were destructed during that time. The only one saved would have to be the Colorado.